NieR: Automata or Android? Yoko Taro originally wanted to call it “Android”

I’ve noticed that a bunch of websites are referencing an article in the Edge magazine #287 with the revelation that Yoko Taro originally wanted to call the new game “Android” but couldn’t due to copyrights with Google’s own Android trademark.

However, this is not new information.

This was previously published by Famitsu several weeks ago.

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The Yoko Taro FAQ


This has been a topic weighing heavily on me for some time, and I know I have voiced my opinions on the issue in the past. I’d rather remain impartial to so-called “taking sides”; however, I’d still like to suggest that fans be a little considerate when asking questions directly to Yoko Taro’s Facebook or Twitter page.

As you are well aware, he is a very busy man, working on multiple projects at once. Even so, he is very generous in answering as many messages as he possibly can. He does this out of complete sincerity and appreciation for his fans. I would hope those fans would show him the same courtesy in return.

Therefore, I have compiled many frequently asked questions from fans to Yoko Taro’s Facebook page with his own answers that go back to 2012. I have edited the questions to fit this format, but his answers remain as they were originally posted, save a few spelling corrections.

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Famitsu Interview with Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito

01 02

—What did you think about everyone’s reaction to the new “NieR” announcement at E3 2015?

Yoko: There were a lot of people talking about “NieR” on Twitter from within Japan after the announcement, and I felt like the reaction we got from overseas was from a specific nitch of fans, but after the announcement, many foreign fans were saying how much they loved NieR; I was really shocked. I couldn’t have imagined how much people were going crazy over the news.

Saito: It’s really surprising, huh? Like, where were they all hiding…? (haha)

Yoko: No matter how loud they scream, in the end I sort of doubted whether or not we could actually sell it… (haha)

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Dengeki Online Interview with Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito

This is an interview with Producer Saito Yosuke and Director Yoko Taro conducted by Dengeki in Paris, France at the “Paris Games Week”.



**Is there more than one playable character?**

—How is the development of the game going thus far?

Saito: We’ve still got a long way to go, but as far as action games go, that’s just about been taken care of. We’re currently fitting in the various RPG elements.

Yoko: I’m satisfied with where the action is at this point, but I’ll let Platinum Games decide what they want to do with it.

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DOD / NieR Timeline

I originally posted this as it relates to the DOD1.3 novella, but I’ve continued to edit and add to this as more and more aspects come to light.

The original timeline was published in the DOD3 Complete Guide, then scanned and edited by me. Please feel free to use this image as you wish–but I would greatly appreciate the credit for putting it together. The actual PSD file is almost 150MB worth of details and layers and many hours of work and research.

Updated: November 8, 2015

Addendum: I understand that there was a discrepancy relating to DOD2 and where the novella “The Garden of Light” ought to be; however, thus far, I have kept the timeline as it was printed. If you feel that I ought to edit this to reflect where the novella should be, please let me know. My memory of DOD2 is very old, since I only played it once over ten years ago. If I get a lot of comments to edit this, I will.

Interview with Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke by Hooked

This is a pretty amazing interview with both Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke. The intro and outro are conducted in German, but the actual interview is in English.

The part that I found the most amazing, if not shocking, was the fact that 2B is *not* the same character as No2 that appears in the YoRHa stage play! *mindblown* But, I was starting to lean toward that since her character and some parts of her design didn’t seem to match up.


No2’s final stance. Photo by Tantei File.

That being said, Yoko Taro is often known to say one thing and yet somehow contradict himself in the same sentence. It could be that this *is* the same character that has undergone some major changes to completely alter her mind/personality.

At any rate, I suppose it would be best to separate my own feelings for the YoRHa girls that appeared in the stage play from this new game that seems sooooooo heavily based on it.

Please stop reading here to avoid further speculation…
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NieR: Automata – Paris Games Week

This is the page that I will continually update as more and more information is released at the Paris Games Week.

Official NieR: Automata Trailer -from Paris Games Week 2015-

Paris Games Week – Nier Automata Presentation, Part 1

Paris Games Week – Nier Automata Presentation, Part 2

Some things that we learn from the new trailer:

  • 2B’s weapons seem to float or seamlessly affix to her back without touching.
  • Battles are pretty dang fast-paced! Much like that of the original NieR!
  • There seems to be multiple attacks for each weapon type; katana vs. heavy sword.
  • The magic bullets of the original NieR make a comeback for you to dodge with all your might in battle!! This time around, they appear much brighter with a glowing, circular outline.
  • 2B is able to grab ahold of “Pod” for some awesome-looking aerial stunts!
  • Much like Weiss’ magic bullet attack in the original game, “Pod” appears to be able to do some attacking of its own!

I’m also in the process of uploading the interview with Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke, but here are some things that we learned from them:

  • Emi Evans has *not* been confirmed yet.
  • 2B’s weapons appear to “float” just off of her back due to magnetism.
  • “Pod” will talk but not in a similar fashion to Weiss. Yoko Taro called it more of a “car navigation” sort of thing.
  • 2B can grab ahold of “Pod” in order to reach things and enemies normally out of range.
  • The Beastlord sword looks like it’s back!nier-automata-beastlord

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Dengeki Playstation Vol. 601 Features NieR: Automata

Here are my scans of the new pages in this week’s issue of Dengeki Playstation. I have yet to read everything here, but they *do* mention that we may see more characters from the YoRHa play! My bet’s on No4! She’s the only one of the four main units that are still alive, even though she received massive damage by the end… I may even go one step further and speculate that her consciousness might actually live on as “Pod”, the hovering robot that is scene in some of the new photos in both Dengeki and Famitsu.

dengeki-601-01 dengeki-601-02 dengeki-601-03 dengeki-601-04

A couple things we learn from these pages:

  • The aliens that invade the earth drive away the surviving humans with mechanical weapons that are called “Living Machines”. These machines are probably not the main aggressor in this conflict more than they are the pawns sent into battle for the benefit of their “creator”…very much like the YoRHa androids.
  • Although 2B (YoRHa No2 Type B) may appear female, it is unknown whether specific gender identities are preserved within the androids.
  • 2B uses swords for short-range combat but can also enlist the help of “Pod” to reach more distant areas.
  • She rarely removes the visor or “goggles” that partially obstruct her face. What sort of face might she have…?


  • The YoRHa units have no given name but rather are called by their model number.
  • They are forbidden from experiencing emotion, but clearly have their own unique differences.
  • 2B is very calm and collected.Other members of the YoRHa unit may make an appearance.


  • The pawns of the alien race are called “Living Machines” because they are able to repair, restore, and reproduce (create new machines).
  • It is unknown exactly how powerful these Living Machines are, but they possess enough might to force the human race to abandon the planet.


  • While humanity fled to the Moon, the earth is on its way toward destruction and decay.
  • 2B is forced to fight in the barren wasteland that the earth has become.
  • There is little trace of humanity left on the planet, the desolate ruins telling the story of the violent invasion of the Living Machines.

NieR Automata: Famitsu Magazine (on sale 10/29)


Tomorrow’s issue of Famitsu magazine will detail more about the Type B android, No2, as well as give us a better glimpse of the world view and BATTLE! 😀

I will get scans up as soon as I can, translations will come later. <3