Thou Shalt Not Die, Chapter 18 Preview


The next chapter of TSND, Chapter 18, will feature a couple color pages when it is released tomorrow, June 25, in Big GanGan. There are TWO chapters released this month.


We’ve also got word that the Vol. 3 manga tankoubon will be released on July 25, and there will be all sorts of bonus goodies for purchasing the book at various stores:

Participating Store Bonus
Animate Mini Shikishi
Gamers Book Cover
Tora no Ana (select stores only) Mini Resource Book
Melon Books Clear File
WonderGOO (select stores only) Postcard
BOOKEXPRESS (select stores only) Illustration Paper
TSUTAYA (select stores only) Bookmark
Other participating bookstores
※Check here for more info!

Another signing event will be held on July 30th from 2:00pm in the Tora no Ana store in Nagoya! Reservations to the event are only being accepted via phone (0570-0000-26) from July 2-24.

Here’s Big GanGan’s post regarding this on Twitter:


First page of CH18. …oh, shit…

Source: Natalie | Big GanGan

Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 617

A new issue of Dengeki PlayStation came out today, and they printed 6 pages on NieR:Automata, which is only a fraction of their complete article that’s available on their site here.

Just like the article in Famitsu, there are a lot of comments from the various members at Platinum Games and very little new information on the game itself. That being said, there was a cute exchange between the interviewer, Yoko Taro, and Saito Yosuke, which I translated below:

One of the questions that many NieR fans have been asking is… why does this game have “NieR” in the title?

Saito: I’d like to know as well.

Huh? You don’t even know?

Saito: I’d love to hear this from Yoko-san’s own mouth. What do you say, Yoko-san?

Nier was the main protagonist of the previous NieR title, but he doesn’t have anything to do with this story, right?

Yoko: Of course not. He disappeared, remember?

Then why did you decide to call this a NieR title? What exactly does “NieR” mean?

Yoko: What does “NieR” mean…… You’re really putting me on the spot, but there’s one thing I can say: It’s a curse.

A curse? Not a “prayer” or “hope”!?

Yoko: It’s a curse. Maybe I’ll elaborate on that another time.

Another time……!? I feel like you’re avoiding the subject!

Saito: He’s sticking with his favorite line, I guess. But anyway, I think you’ll understand how everything fits together once you get a chance to play. ……Isn’t that right, Yoko-san?

Yoko: It’s a curse.

And here are my scans of the pages:

dengeki-vol617-01 dengeki-vol617-02 dengeki-vol617-03 dengeki-vol617-04 dengeki-vol617-05 dengeki-vol617-06

Source: Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 617 | Fire Sanctuary

Famitsu Issue No.1437 article now online

The recent 12-page article printed in Famitsu magazine has now been posted to their website. As far as the text goes, there doesn’t appear to be anything new added to the online version of the article, however, there seems to be a couple extra photos of the development crew working at their desks.

Read the full article on Famitsu here. (Japanese only)

I’ve mentioned it in my initial post regarding this article, but I may not make any direct translation from it this time, mostly because a good chunk of it is just commentary by other PG members, even those who are not working on the game. I’m a little curious why these people were asked to give a statement at all. I thought it was a little embarrassing to have Kamiya-san come out and say that neither does he know anything about Yoko Taro nor the game. ^^;

There is a small interview in which Yoko Taro takes part in a little bit that I may get to eventually, once I get over jet lag and this cold… There will also be a new chapter of TSND this weekend and I want to write up something nice about my dad, too… so this might have to wait. I’ve already posted the main points in the previous post, so if you haven’t read that, maybe it’ll make for an interesting read to hold you over.

On a slightly other topic, it appears as though Dengeki has also published a decent article/interview with some new photos on their site. I assume this will be printed in their next issue of the magazine. I haven’t read the full thing yet, but just skimming briefly through, I caught a little something about P-33… They said he will be returning but his design will probably be completely different. It seems as though Yoko Taro gave the designers to ignore past designs and create something new for Automata. To some degree this would make sense because so much time has passed since the end of NieR, but for them to “ignore past designs” seems like a little much. lol I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens…

Dengeki has also published a conference interview here. (Japanese only)

Most Popular Character – Twitter Poll

The official NieR:Automata (JPN) Twitter account just sent out a poll asking users which character they like or are intrigued with the most. The post is currently only in Japanese, but we may see the English side of things start a similar poll in the coming days.

Characters included in the poll are:

  • 2B
  • 9S
  • A2
  • Pod

In the meantime, feel free to cast your votes! I personally voted for A2 due to my YoRHa Stage Play speculations…but… Thus far, it looks like 2B is the most popular.

Famitsu – Issue No.1437 – NieR:Automata

Here’s the 12 page (and cover) issue detailing all sorts of stuff about NieR:Automata. I have yet to read it, but I do plan on translating the majority that’s printed here. Please hang in there until I can get that done. <3

You can view all of these images in my Image Gallery, too.

famitsu-No1437-00 famitsu-No1437-01 famitsu-No1437-02 famitsu-No1437-03 famitsu-No1437-04 famitsu-No1437-05 famitsu-No1437-06

The majority of the contents in this article deal with the thoughts and comments of various members from Platinum Games, even Kamiya Hideki, who seemed to know very little of NieR:Automata or Yoko Taro. ^^; Therefore, I don’t think I’ll translate this word for word. We’ll see if I have time to do it later on.

In the meantime, here are some of the main bits of information that we learn about the game in this article:

  • Able to choose difficulty level. The game is designed so that even the standard difficulty is not too terribly difficult.
  • We will be able to explore a desert location similar to the area outside of the Barren Temple (lit. Sanctuary of Sand) and Façade (lit. City of Masks).
  • The controller interface is highly responsive. Attacks are spread out between the SQUARE and TRIANGLE buttons, each one representing one of the two equipped weapons.
  • You can equip two sets of two weapons and can rapidly switch between the two sets. Weapons include a short sword, great sword, and glove bracers.
  • There is a sword with ridges in it that make it resemble a type of saw.
  • Attacks can be performed even during jumping, evading, and dashing. These movement can be cancelled out at any moment.
Charge attacks are back. There will be various charged attacks such as many spears springing from the ground to attack the surrounding area.

Charge attacks are back. There will be various charged attacks such as many spears springing from the ground to attack the surrounding area.

  • Incoming bullet attacks can be destroyed with Pod.
  • 2B is a pretty quiet character, but she will occasionally speak during attacks.

The “singing boss” that was revealed in the new E3 trailer attacks by singing. Its eyes close as it raises its head to reveal a large speaker in its mouth that it uses to sing/attack. It can also shoot out magic bullets that you must dodge or cancel out with the use of Pod. Also, it is adorned with many, many dead androids…all of which appear to be female models. (Image translation by Fire Sanctuary)

  • The design of the bullets have been upgraded. Light effects from them can also be seen on the surface of the ground.
  • The sound that objects make will be determined by the size of the room you’re in. For example, the reverb will be greater when you strike metal while in a small, enclosed room compared to in a wide open field.
During a dash, if you run into a bush or other larger obstacles, it will cancel out the dash and your character will seem to stumble.

During a dash, if you run into a bush or other larger obstacles, it will cancel out the dash and your character will seem to stumble.

  • There will be many nature sound effects as well, including the sound or a river and birds chirping. Sound designer Shindou Masato states that there are at least 100 different variations of bird calls.
  • The material of 2B and 9S’s costumes are made out of velvet. This was especially difficult to achieve in the 3D models.
  • The towns and camps in the game are actually outposts made by the Resistance. These are the remnants of the 8th Machine War in 11732. They were also seen in the YoRHa Stage Play.
    • It was previously thought that the Resistance was wiped out by the end of the play, but now it is clear that those particular members were not the only survivors.
Illustration by PG game designer Yusuke Hashimoto. (Beyonetta 2, Starfox Zero)

“I’m looking forward to the game’s completion!!” Illustration by PG game designer Yusuke Hashimoto. (Beyonetta 2, Starfox Zero)


Translation by Fire Sanctuary

Lastly, unrelated to the article but related to the presentation at E3, Yoko Taro stated that the B in 2B’s name stands for “Battler”. I don’t think I ever wrote about this in my previous speculations, but this was one of the possibilities I thought of… just because of my love of B’t X… ^^;

Yosuke Saito stated in the E3 presentation that the game will be released simultaneously worldwide:

“We’re currently developing towards a global, simultaneous release in early 2017.”


Source: Famitsu | Fire Sanctuary

Famitsu Issue No.1436 Top 40 and More!

NieR:Automata remains at #35 in Famitsu’s Top 40 Most Anticipated Games a second week in a row! Conrats!


This issue of Famitsu was another in its series of celebrations for their 30th Anniversary! One of the main sections of the magazine this week featured a Top 10 Most Memorable Games by producers, directors, voice actors, and more.

Below is an image that I completely reconstructed from scratch [for the fun of it] and translated into English. I’m pretty sure *ALL* of the games Yoko Taro chose are shooters. xD

Lastly, please expect a 12-page spread of NieR:Automata goodness next week in tandem with E3! I can only imagine what awesomeness we’ll learn this time!! <3

Square Enix Reveals Their Lineup for E3!

Square Enix has just released their scheduled lineup for their presentations at this year’s E3. Here’s when to expect the next update on NieR:Automata:


  • Date: Thursday, June 16 [Japan Time: Friday, June 17]
  • Time: 10:00-11:00AM [Japan Time: 2:00-3:00AM]
  • Game: NieR:Automata
  • Languages: Dual, English and Japanese Available
  • Title: Discussion with the Developers and PlatinumGames’ Takahisa Taura
  • Scheduled Appearances by:
    • Producer: Saito Yosuke
    • Director: Yoko Taro
    • Game Designer: Taura Takahisa

[ Watch on YouTube ]   [ Watch on Twitch ]

Thankfully, I don’t work on Fridays right now, so I will be staying up to watch the broadcast live!! How exciting! I hope the next trailer will be as awesome as I’ve been imagining it will be!! 😀

Source: Square Enix