Countdown to NieR:Automata – 3 Days

Sorry for the huge delay in uploading the most recent Countdown artwork. It’s been a very hectic couple of days.


This illustration is Platinum Games concept artist, Sugita Yuki. (須田裕貴). 


This illustration is by Platinum Games modeling artist, Matsudaira Hito.


This illustration is by Platinum Games concept artist, Koda Kazuma.


This illustration is by the Square Enix character designer who worked on the new designs for Devola & Popola, Itahana Toshiyuki. (板鼻利幸). 

Source: 6 Days | 5 Days | 4 Days | 3 Days

New Smartphone Game by Yoko Taro: SINoALICE

Almost exactly a year ago, we got the first whiff of Yoko Taro possibly working with Square Enix to develop a smartphone game, which I wrote about here.

Today, we were presented with a trailer and some additional information regarding the game and its story.

The absolute worst “Story”

Yoko Taro x Square Enix x Pokelabo

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One Week to Go!

We’re down to just one more week before the release of in Japan! 

Today we got 19 pages of goodness in Famitsu, plus all Lawson convenient stores are sporting the nice nobori signs to advertize their exclusive goodies!

I’ll be adding more detailed info later, but here’s a few pics to start off…


Source: All photos in this post were taken by me!

Countdown to NieR:Automata – 12 Days

I was really busy yesterday at Tokaigi and exhausted from being my usual socially awkward self (lol), so I wasn’t able to comment on the new illustrations that are coming out of the official Twitter among other places. I thought this was a good chance to start covering this since I did something similar leading up to the release of Drag-on Dragoon 3 when it came out here in Japan. So, let’s start the countdown!!


This illustration is by Platinum Games character modeler, Funahashi Eiji (舟橋英志).

  • He has been working on character modeling artist at Platinum Games for about 8 years since 2009.
  • He has participated in special seminars at various locations such as the Osaka Information And Computer Science College (OIC).
  • He worked on titles such as Bayonetta and The Wonderful 101.

Sources: NieR Official Twitter | Funahashi’s Twitter | PG Inside | Game Business | OIC