Platinum Games 10th Anniversary!

Platinum Games turned 10 this year! And to celebrate, they put together a gorgeous collage of artwork from a mix of their games… and even some of their upcoming games made it into the artwork! What can you spot in this image?


How about over there, in the bottom left.
Still can’t spot it…?
Here’s a closer look:


That certainly looks like 2B and Pod, if you ask me! xD Some others have noticed TMNT characters shaded darker like this in the background, too. Very nice of them to include up-coming titles in this celebratory collage! :)

Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare – Chapter 12

Got off from work a little early today, so I whipped up the rest of the next chapter. Again, it was a “half” size since it was originally published back-to-back with Chapter 11, so it didn’t take too long to do. I’ll try to get working on Chapter 13 next week.

[ Read the chapter here. ]


Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare – Chapter 11


Well, I really wanted to get two chapters done this weekend, but I forgot that the music event I was going to on Saturday (Tokyo Game Music Show 2016) was an all-day thing… and I sort of caught a small cold… *sigh* But, at least I managed to get something finished. 😛
This is Chapter 11 of “Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare”. It’s a shorter chapter because both Chapter 11 and 12 were released together…which is why I wanted to release them together. Oh well. I’ll try to get caught up next week.

Emi Evans teams up with MONACA to sing for documentary

Emi Evans has recently teamed up with the musical masterminds at MONACA to produce the soundtrack for an NHK documentary exploring the mysteries and geological wonder of “Nishi no Shima” or the Western Island, roughly 900km south of Tokyo. It is one in a string of islands formed from volcanic eruptions. Continuous eruptions over the course of the past two years have helped the island grow considerably in size. Continue reading

Custom Made Cakes

Last year, I attempted to order my first custom made cake for the DOD3 1st Anniversary. I had little to no experience going about this but still managed to find a company that would make a cake with the design I wanted. A ton of gold later, I received a pretty awesome cake to celebrate the moment.

Note: I was a little late in sending in my order, so I didn’t receive the cake until a couple days after the Dec. 19 Anniversary.

cake01 cake02

This year, I didn’t have much time to plan anything special for the 2nd Anniversary, but I was able to design something cool for a Christmas cake featuring 2B from the up-coming NieR: Automata.


I have yet to cut the first piece of cake, but I will continue to take photos for every slice I make. xD

The Complete YoRHa Squad

Since the release of the stage play YoRHa Ver.1.0 on DVD this past February, I had worked on translating the insert booklet that came with it shortly after it was released… but apparently forgot all about it. ^^; So, let this post rectify that oversight.

The inside of the two-page booklet covers information on all 16 of the YoRHa androids, including rank, position, individual specs, and their unique “false memories”. Enjoy!



14th Machine War
“Anti-Living Machine Android Soldiers: YoRHa” Mission Report

Planned Date for the Mission: December 8, 11941
126th Descent Mission – [YR-0] Overview of the Mission Units

Continue reading